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1 December 2023
“Gold Printer on Corrugated" Award

Stratego Group and Unione GCT Milano (Unione Industriali Grafici Cartotecnici Trasformatori Carta e affini della provincia di Milano), celebrated excellence in industrial printing with an event held on Friday 1 December 2023 in Milan. Daniele Barbui, president of…

11 November 2023
On the subject of well-being

On Saturday 11 November 2023, we organised an initiative dedicated to the company's people and their families.

An event aimed at promoting wellbeing, which began in the early afternoon with a walk in the Spina Verde park in…

24 October 2023

On Tuesday, 24 October, we received in the company some personalities from the political and institutional world, particularly linked to our territory, for a guided tour of the production unit and the digital department. We shared a moment…