further attention to the environment

ZETACARTON's goal of protecting the environment is energy self-sufficiency, that is to produce corrugated cardboard through a single source of energy within the company. A first step was taken with the installation of a photovoltaic plant capable of supporting one quarter of the annual paperboard production, 70 km per day produced by the sun.

But our commitment does not end here: our corrugated cardboard is 100% natural, since it is completely renewable, it degrades when left in the environment and does not produce harmful fumes if incinerated. It can be reused several times, even when it has ended the use function for which it was intended, for example to protect and store new products. Lastly, it is also suitable for recycling: since it is a monomaterial it does not need a separation phase before disposal. In the form of scrap, it returns to the corrugated cardboard production cycle and in Italy it accounts for 80% of the raw material used for its production.