our origins

Approximately half a century ago, in the 1950s Maria and Angelo Zanfrini set up a typography in Capiago Intimiano. They used a spare room in their own home and with very simple machinery founded the OFFICINA GRAFICA E CARTOTECNICA ANGELO ZANFIRNI.
In the 1960s the small family run business expanded its production in the cardboard sector and started making solid and corrugated board boxes to use as packaging for Christmas decorations and furniture, which were booming businesses around the Como district at the time.
The first important development, in 1968, was the construction beside the house of a small factory where machinery was installed for the mass production of corrugated board packaging. 

Experience experience

In 1974 in Senna Comasco the Zanfrini family decided to focus on a specific market, the chose to concentrate on the production of corrugated board.
ANGELO, GIOVANNI, GIUSEPPE AND CESARE ZANFRINI founded Zetacarton Ltd. specializing in the production of boxes and packaging in corrugated board.
The tenacity and boldness of the founders soon turned out to be decisive and Zetacarton became a benchmark in its sector and one of the points of reference in the economy of the Como district.
Transformed into a public company, the business continued to grow and in 1992 turned into a producer of corrugated board.

Company company

ZETACARTON, whose management is entrusted to Giuseppe and Cesare Zanfrini and today also by Serena Zanfrini, employs 95 people and produces 110.000.000 sqm corrugated cardboard a year in its own modern plant of 20.000 sqm on an area of 60.000 sqm in the industrial area of Senna Comasco.
The company is solid, dynamic and ready to take advantage of the new opportunities technology has to offer to deliver a high quality standard and to propose innovative solutions to fulfill the needs of the market.
The company is present with its own retailer network on the main markets of continental Europe and has a position of leadership in Northern Italy. The close attention paid to the needs of the customer, the experience acquired through the years and its flexibility allow Zetacarton to offer a custom-made product and a complete list of services ranging from the project, to creating samples and to production according to arranged specifics.