Thanks to a sophisticated software developed specifically for companies in the packaging business, ZETACARTON is able to manage with a completely automated approach the entire manufacturing cycle (orde-production-logistics-administration), guaranteeing in every phase a constant monitoring of the order and fulfilling quality standards.

Corrugated board production in sheets

ZETACARTON has at its disposal a modern plant with some of the best machinery in the business for the production of corrugated cardboard of the E-EB-B-C-BC typologies flutes and for its successive transformation into cardboard boxes. The plant, completely automated, allows production of corrugated max. 2500 mm length flute and is managed by a control system that enables the operator to constantly monitor the production.

Endless cardboard production in strips

Thanks to its exclusive technology developed by its R&D department, ZETACARTON is the leader in the production of corrugated endless cardboard. This technology consents companies to internally produce the packaging necessary for their own products and consequently optimizing the whole process.

Box converting

The variety of machinery available for the converting of cardboard sheets into boxes enables the factory to satisfy all market needs in terms of characteristics, dimensions and print. Production varies from regular boxes to large scale industrial packaging, which is commissioned by the clients. Products can be customized and it is possible to choose a ccording to any needs amongst 4 flexo colors or preprinted offset paper.