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1 December 2023
“Gold Printer on Corrugated" Award

Stratego Group and Unione GCT Milano (Unione Industriali Grafici Cartotecnici Trasformatori Carta e affini della provincia di Milano), celebrated excellence in industrial printing with an event held on Friday 1 December 2023 in Milan. Daniele Barbui, president of @Acimga (Confindustria) presented us with the Gold Printing Award in the 'Gold Printer on Corrugated' category. This is yet another welcome acknowledgement of our entrepreneurial and family history, which began way back in 1952 with Angelo Zanfrini and Maria Romano, and which today has led to a model that we strive to implement and improve on a daily basis.


The innovative technologies, the important investment in the new inkjet printing system with water-based inks, the ability to promptly respond to emerging markets, but also the attention to people, social and environmental issues - in the broadest sense of the terms - lead to these institutional recognitions that confirm the Zetacarton vision, but above all reward us in our constant commitment. The recent entry into the international VPK Group further consolidates an entrepreneurial project that has never stopped, on the contrary it has grown with tangible results thanks to technological innovation and more.


Today we are the market leader in Italy, with important numbers:

. turnover 2022 of about 78 million euros

. annual production of 110,000,000 square metres of corrugated cardboard, in sheets and continuous forms

. production unit of 30,000 sq.m. covered, with a total surface area of 60,000 sq.m.

. 110 people employed


Our thanks therefore go to all the people who, in different roles and responsibilities, work alongside us every day to create value and defend excellence.


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